ML27: Exploring the Future of Learning

Discover the main issues surrounding the future of learning including the impact of technology, the state of the educational system and the need for lifelong self-directed learning. Plus I answer your questions on how to develop transferable skills, the difference between digital and in-person educa

ML27: Exploring the Future of Learning

The future of learning will be determined by a number of key issues - from the impact of technology and the rise of EdTech, to the evolution of the educational system and the need for lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts.

In this episode I explore all of these issues in depth and answer the question I always ask guests at the end of my podcast interviews - "What's your vision for the future of learning?"

Plus I answer your questions including:

- Is there a way to increase the likelihood of people completing online courses?
- What are the differences between digital and in person learning experiences?
- How do we integrate learning into our lives effectively?

So if you want to know what can do to put yourself at the cutting edge of learning, this podcast will give you an insider's perspective of the major trends and actionable insights you can apply to your life.


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