ML40: How To Learn a New Skill

Learn how to from beginner to intermediate as enjoyably and effectively as possible in the skill you want to learn. Discover my method for filtering learning projects and the three pillars you’ll need to consider in order to learn what you want in a way that works for you - mindset, habits and envir

ML40: How To Learn a New Skill

Most people over estimate how hard it is to learn a new skill because they confuse getting good at something with becoming a master in it.

This short episode will give you a simple framework to take you from the novice, beginner stage to an intermediate level of proficiency as enjoyably and effectively as possible in the skill you want to learn.

In this episode you'll learn how to:

- Filter learning projects in order to choose the ones you're likely to stick with
- Build strategies based on the three pillars of mindset, habits and environment
- Deal with the inevitable challenges you'll face on your learning journey

So whether you're building a business, learning a language or picking up a sport, this episode will give you the principles and techniques needed to succeed.


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