ML4: Greta Rossi & Mark Spokes on Self Awareness, Multiple Intelligences and Purpose-Driven Learning

Discover the importance of purpose-driven learning, accessing multiple intelligences and the process of developing self-awareness to accelerate your learning.

ML4: Greta Rossi & Mark Spokes on Self Awareness, Multiple Intelligences and Purpose-Driven Learning

Greta Rossi and Mark Spokes co-founders of Akasha Innovation, a not for profit social enterprise which gives social entrepreneurs the mindsets and skill sets and they need to succeed on their journey as change makers.

Greta is a social entrepreneur, transformative coach and the acting CEO of Akasha, while Mark is the academic director of the organisation and designed their learning program using a decade of experience in transformative learning and mentoring in higher education and social enterprise.

Having a clear purpose and developing self awareness are both crucial components of learning anything, but they're rarely discussed in any depth in most environments because they're complex and hard to define.

Greta and Mark have spent years helping young people from all over the world to develop these skills, so I reached out to them to get the inside story.

In this conversation we dive deeply into:

- The importance of having a purpose and how to find it
- Accessing multiple intelligences, including emotional and spiritual intelligence
- The process of developing self-awareness on your learning journey

So whether you're looking to find more meaning in what you're learning or want to become more aware of what works for you and what doesn't this episode give you the principles and techniques needed to succeed.


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