ML3: Anthony Metivier on Using Memory Palaces, Learning Languages and How To Remember Anything

Find out how to start using memory palaces today to memorise virtually anything, learn Anthony’s habits and strategies for learning foreign languages and discover the weird and wonderful world of memory sports.

ML3: Anthony Metivier on Using Memory Palaces, Learning Languages and How To Remember Anything

Dr. Anthony Metivier is the creator of the Magnetic Memory Method - an effective and fun method that helps you remember virtually any kind of information using memory techniques.

So many people believe that having a good memory is linked to intelligence or brain structure. But we're all capable of remembering a remarkable amount of information if we use the right techniques. Put simply, your memory is an incredible tool and whatever you're learning, you should learn how to use it.

Anthony has been using and teaching memory techniques for many years and has even competed in memory sports events, where competitors memorise multiple decks of cards and huge strings of numbers.

In this conversation we discuss a range of topics including:

- How to use memory palaces today to memorise virtually anything
- Strategies for learning languages including German, Spanish and Mandarin
- Insights into the weird and wonderful world of memory sports

So whether you're looking to remember definitions for a final exam, memorise foreign language vocabulary or prepare for a presentation at work, this episode will help you do all of that and much more.


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