ML23: How To Become a Better Speaker

Learn the secrets behind history's greatest speakers and the tools and techniques needed to upgrade your public speaking skills. Plus I answer questions on everything from pre-speaking rituals, to good script writing and optimising your body language to command a stage powerfully.

ML23: How To Become a Better Speaker

Not everyone can go down as a master orator like Lincoln, King or Churchill, but we can all learn to become better speakers. And in an age where ideas are the main currency, being able to communicate them effectively is a huge advantage.

Plus, we spend 30% of our communication time speaking, whether it’s in a presentation at work or a conversation with a friend – so it’s definitely a skill worth working on.

In this episode, I break down the strategies of some of the greatest speakers, both ancient and modern and how we can apply them in different situations from public speeches to presentations at work.

Plus I answer some of your questions including:

- What are the elements that a good speech should include?
- What are your tips for improving body language and the use of gestures?
- How do you deal with the fear of public speaking and does it ever go away?

So whether you're looking to give better presentations at work, prepare for a TedX talk or just get your point across better in a discussion, this episode is packed full of actionable tools and techniques you can use immediately.

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