ML195: Andrea Domenichini on the 48 Laws of Power in Practice & How To Defend Against Manipulation

ML195: Andrea Domenichini on the 48 Laws of Power in Practice & How To Defend Against Manipulation

Understand how to apply the 48 Laws of Power in practice, how to avoid manipulation and learn about the true nature of power and how we misunderstand it in modern society.

Andrea Domenichini is a media producer and podcaster who runs his own show Voices in the Dark, and has been helping me with the latest episodes of the MetaLearn podcast.

Robert Greene's The 48 Laws of Power has shaken up the lives of millions. It's wielded by successful business executives, leading actors and musicians, and even by criminal kingpins. But how can you apply its lessons to your life?

Andrea is the perfect guide on this journey and has spent several years studying and applying the laws and has even written a book on the subject - The 48 Laws of Power in Practice.

He's distilled the laws into the 3 Most Powerful Laws (the ones you should start with, and on which all the others build) and the 4 Indispensable Power Principles (the specific rules of thumb and social 'hacks' which explain how the Laws really work in the world today). In this episode we discuss:

- How to apply the 48 Laws of Power in practice
- Avoiding manipulation and how to defend against people using power plays
- The true nature of power and how we misunderstand it in modern society

So whether you want to become a modern Machiavelli, escape the daily grind and realise your true potential or just stop being the victim of other people's games, this episode will give you everything you need and more.

Show Notes

  • Introducing Andrea [00:06]
  • Andrea on finding practical philosophies from Robert Greene’s book [02:07]
  • How did Andrea’s self-revelation lead him to the works of Robert Greene? [04:53]
  • Why did Andrea decide to start a podcast exploring Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power? [08:30]
  • Why do people feel either attracted or repelled when talking about the laws of power? How does Andrea understand these reactions to find a middle way? [12:17]
  • In what ways can you practically apply law #1 ‘Never outshine the master’? [14:42]
  • Why is it important to be aware and conscious of the things we can and can’t change? [17:34]
  • How did Andrea distill the 48 laws of power into the three most powerful ones and four principles? [18:28]
  • How do you apply the law of saying less than necessary in the context of social media that incentives excessive promotion? [22:07]
  • How the gap between words and actions can create unnecessary pressure on the self [27:01]
  • To what extent does being a communicator of ideas congruent with the principle of saying less than necessary? [32:56]
  • Why is arguing with someone to see things your way an act of violence on the soul? [36:18]
  • Why does Andrea believe that stasis is the death of the self? Why is it important to maintain variations of one’s identity? [43:11]
  • How recognising that power is dynamic can motivate a better understanding of one’s self and the environment one moves in [46:15]
  • How can we define ourselves with less constriction? [47:46]
  • How do you defend yourself when people put you in a box and define your identity for you? [51:37]
  • Debunking the golden rule of ‘do unto others as you want them to do unto you’ [54:58]
  • Why should relationships be about two different forces pushing against each other? Why is intention important in a relationship’s dynamics? [58:53]
  • Who are good examples of people who apply the laws of power in practice? [01:05:25]
  • How do you identify a person’s main driver? How can you help them achieve their goal and understand each other more efficiently? [01:07:47]
  • What is the first step in living a more intentional life? [01:14:20]
  • Closing remarks [01:16:32]


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