ML17: How To Become a Better Reader

Learn why some of the world’s greatest minds value reading so much, how to choose your books and the tools and techniques that will help you read better. Plus I answer your questions on everything from reading more books to speed-reading and note taking as well as remembering and applying what you r

ML17: How To Become a Better Reader

There’s a feeling nowadays that reading isn’t as important as it used to be – we have many other ways to get information including television and the internet. While all of these are useful in the right context, they can't replace reading fully.

In the US only 40% of people who graduate college ever read a book again. But it’s been well documented that most successful and intelligent people across fields from business, science and the arts are voracious readers.

In this episode I show you how to how to choose your books and the tools and techniques that will help you read better.

Plus I answer some of your questions including:

- Does speed reading actually work?
- Do you take notes while you read and what method do you use?
- How do I remember and apply more of what I read?

So whether you're looking to read faster, more widely or remember more of what you read, this episode has you covered with actionable strategies you can start using to take your reading to the next level today.


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Selected Resources

📖 How to Read a Book - Mortimer Adler & Charles Van Doren

📖 The Speed Reading Book - Tony Buzan

🖥 Spreeder - Free online speed reading software

🖥 Bee Line Reader - Free colour gradient software for speed reading

🖥 Blinkist - 15 minute summaries of non fiction books