ML13: How To Become a Great Communicator

Discover the 4 fundamental communication skills and why they’re important, as well as practical strategies to improve your active listening, public speaking, reading and writing.

ML13: How To Become a Great Communicator

Many people assume that great communicators possess an intrinsic talent – they look at the abilities of Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and assume that it’s a gift that can't be learned or improved.

While I think it may come easier to some people than others, the reality is that almost anyone can become a great communicator with consistent, deliberate practice over a period of time.

In fact it’s pretty shocking that communication skills aren’t taught in the vast majority of schools given how important they are in all areas of life.

In this episode I discuss a range of topics including:

- The basics of public speaking and how to improve regardless of your level
- The techniques you can use to become a better listener
- The tips that will improve the quality of your writing and refine your style

So whether you're looking to become a better listener, speaker or writer, this episode has got you covered with actionable strategies you can apply today.


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