ML11: How To Learn Better in Teams

Discover the principles and ideas needed to work more effectively in all kinds of teams, based on organisational theory and my personal experiences at the Hive Global Leaders Program and the IO Collective Retreat.

ML11: How To Learn Better in Teams

There’s something about learning teams that magnifies any achievement we gain in isolation. We’ve all been part of a team, whether at work or in sports or the arts where everything just works – every one’s strengths complement each other and compensate for individual weaknesses to produce amazing results.

I've been exploring how we can learn better in teams recently, diving into organisational theory and reflecting on my own experiences at the Hive Global Leaders Program in San Francisco and the IO Collective Retreat in Evia, Greece in the last month.

In this episode I discuss a range of topics including:

- How the individual visions of leaders get translated into communities
- The balance between conflict and cooperation in communities
- How to refine and master the skill of learning in a team

So whether you're looking to have more constructive discussions at work or want to mesh better with your teammates in your Sunday League football team, this episode will offer you actionable tools and techniques you can apply now.


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