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Hi, I'm Nasos


I love learning.

And most of all I love learning about learning, or metalearning.

At MetaLearn, I study and teach the principles and techniques needed to become a lifelong learner and master anything by:

  • Studying exceptional learners and teachers
  • Exploring scientific research on how we learn
  • Applying what I discover in personal learning projects

So whether you're learning a language, building a business, playing an instrument or picking up a sport I've got you covered.

Find out more about me here or get started by checking out my latest content.

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ML49: The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom (3/21/2017) - They're two words that get thrown around a lot but what exactly is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? In this short episode I outline the difference between knowledge and wisdom in four main areas, along with actionable insights by using some of my favourite stories and my own personal experience.
ML48: How To Move Better with Ben Medder (3/14/2017) - Ben Medder is a movement coach who teaches his students how to move better in a variety of disciplines. In this conversation we discuss a range of topics including Ben’s advice to people looking how to move better and pick up a physical skill, the parallels between parenting and teaching and the role of movement in education.
ML47: Exploring the Magic of Teaching (3/7/2017) - In this episode I’ll be exploring the magic of teaching, discussing the teacher’s role in society and how it’s changed throughout history. I’ll also discuss the qualities and characteristics that I think make great teachers based on my own personal experience as a student and teacher.
ML46: Learning How To Learn with Barbara Oakley ML46: Learning How To Learn with Barbara Oakley (2/28/2017) - Barbara Oakley is an educator and writer best known for her role as the lead instructor on Coursera’s Learning How To Learn – the most popular online course in the world last year. In this conversation we discuss Barb’s insights from learning skills in the US military and retraining herself as an engineer at 26, how to apply what cognitive science has established about the learning process and the future of online education.
ML45: How To Learn from Animals (2/21/2017) - For thousands of years, all kinds of authorities – from religious leaders to academics – have been repeating the same idea, that we humans are exceptional and the most intelligent in the animal kingdom. In this short episode, I examine this age-old assumption and explore the insights we can take from our fellow members of the animal kingdom.


"I always had difficulty with languages before working with Nasos but he introduced me to several techniques he's used and perfected himself. I never thought I’d be able to speak with such confidence and score top grades but I was amazed at how much I improved in the 3 months we worked together. Incredible."

- George B, Student

Nasos has helped our son improve dramatically not just in the quality of his work, but in his entire approach to learning. He is an inspirational tutor with an infectious passion for learning which shines through in all his lessons. I can’t thank Nasos enough and thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

- Lucy S, Parent