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Hi, I'm Nasos


I love learning.

And most of all I love learning about learning, or metalearning.

At MetaLearn, I study and teach the principles and techniques needed to become a lifelong learner and master anything by:

  • Studying exceptional learners and teachers
  • Exploring scientific research on how we learn
  • Applying what I discover in personal learning projects

So whether you're learning a language, building a business, playing an instrument or picking up a sport I've got you covered.

Find out more about me here or get started by checking out my latest content.

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ML54: How To Become Wiser with Barry Schwartz (4/25/2017) - Barry Schwartz is an acclaimed professor of psychology and bestselling author, who has recently retired after 45 years of teaching at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. In this conversation we discuss a range of topics including the best tools we can use to learn from our everyday experience, how practical wisdom could be applied to improve the educational system and how to make better choices in a world of infinite possibilities.
ML53: Learning in Virtual Reality with Barry Pousman (4/18/2017) - Barry Pousman is the founder of Variable Labs, a Virtual Reality company that creates immersive experiences to foster empathy, develop soft skills, and change behaviour. In this conversation we discuss how learning in Virtual Reality accelerates the development of soft skills like negotiation, the potential for VR to revolutionise education in schools and universities and how VR differs to other storytelling mediums like film, audio and books.
ML52: How To Get Better at Maths with Kalid Azad (4/11/2017) - Kalid Azad is the founder of Better Explained, one of the world's most popular maths websites that makes hard concepts easy to understand using an intuition-first approach. In this conversation we discuss a range of topics including how to get better at maths and why some people find it so hard, the secrets behind great explanations of tricky concepts and how Kalid has learned a bunch of skills from coding to snowboarding and weight training.
ML51: How To Apply What You Read with Niklas Jansen (4/4/2017) - Niklas Jansen is the co-founder of Blinkist, an app that distills the core insights from non-fiction books into 15-minute summaries. In this conversation we discuss a range of interesting topics including how Niklas started the business and learned the skills of entrepreneurship, how to apply what you read and use Blinkist to learn more in less time and how Niklas and his co-founders create a learning environment at the business.
ML50: Reflections on Learning and Education with Joshua Fields (3/28/2017) - Hear my reflections on learning and education after fifty episodes of the podcast. In this episode, I'm interviewed by my friend Joshua Fields, my friend and the first guest on the podcast when I started it a year ago. We also discuss the lessons I’ve learned from working as a lecturer and teacher and my views on the future of learning and the educational system.


"I always had difficulty with languages before working with Nasos but he introduced me to several techniques he's used and perfected himself. I never thought I’d be able to speak with such confidence and score top grades but I was amazed at how much I improved in the 3 months we worked together. Incredible."

- George B, Student

Nasos has helped our son improve dramatically not just in the quality of his work, but in his entire approach to learning. He is an inspirational tutor with an infectious passion for learning which shines through in all his lessons. I can’t thank Nasos enough and thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

- Lucy S, Parent